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We know for a given fact that copy machines do just that, make good reproductions of a document we want to be copied.  However, there are 2 kinds of copying machines, one is the traditional black and white, while the other is colored.  Copying machines which can reproduce in colored variation are more expensive than the ordinary greyscale type.  People who are meticulous and want even the shade of color to be exactly copied sometimes resort to copy machines which can make a colored duplicate of the original. This has been proven to be useful in projects by students, or even help employees in their presentations.  School sometimes use it when producing activities or letters.  If they want to make a good impression, they send out colored copies of their documents and not the mere greyscale types. But no matter which of the two we choose, it still produces the same document because that it is really what it was made for.



With the worsening global financial crisis, it is now wonder why parents resort to several selling strategies to help out in the business. /actually, if we have a copy machine at home, we can make into something productive financially, like offering to photocopy the documents of people or kids in the neighbourhood, for a certain price. Many businesses have resorted to the practice. There are some people in the world today who make use of their photocarriers as an alternative source of income, by charging a minimal fee every time it is being used. While the return of investment may appear to be slow and chump change for someone, all that it needs to survive in this game and in this contest is to prepare for full-battle mode.  Every opportunity counts, and we must learn to take advantage of the situation  by continuously offering our services, and the side job which he has.



It is not an unfamiliar scenario when people multitask in order to get things done quickly.  The same thing applies to copy machines, as there are new machines designed to copy, and  fax documents. Take a Brother IntelliFax-4100e for example, it can easily do both of these things and is will come in handy in any business office since a lot of savings can be made.  We can just imagine the money saved from buying a separate fax machine because the same is already incorporated in the copy machine.  The output is not compromised because people who have bought it are very satisfied with the results, and the toner used to operate this machine is actually so cheap.   It is so easy to use and is an effective and handy office helper to have around which is why people will never regret buying it. Oh, did I mention that it only costs $75.89?



Copy machines are kind of expensive, so there is no problem if businesses will resort to buying second had or used copier machines.  However, how do we know if the machine we will be getting is a lemon?  We do not need to drag along a technician with us every time we shop for a copy machine (though that would be a good idea). But when buying a second hand copier machine, we should always look into the condition of the gadget and check how many documents it had already copied to see if its use had been abused.  This can be detected from the counter usually located near the controls, if not inside the machine. People should always be on guard for copier machines which are literally being sold for a song because with all probability, the seller is hiding something.  So in buying a used copier machine, we have to be extra vigilant before making the purchase.


Used copy machines to start business

Used copy machines are the best way to start a new business or run a small business. While starting a new business, everybody wants to save as much money as possible and one step to do this is buying a used copy machine. Used copy machines are a great way to save thousands of dollars.

But it is not recommended that you buy a copy machine from anybody. There are specialized stores for it from where you can buy one for you as the machines there are repaired in such a way that they make it comparable with new copiers. They make it durable to give good performance and make them long lasting. This way you will get a high quality product at a very low price tag.

Actually, the experts disassemble the whole copy machine and examine each part closely, clean it, replace the damaged parts and make it totally new.


Where did I go wrong?

You just sold off your old photo copying machine and all of a sudden your competitor is surging ahead of you. How did this happen? Well if you remember each photocopier comes with a hard disk which helps you to scan the various document pages one at a time and will print them all together, thus saving you time. You could just allow the copier to print them out after the pages have all been scanned and you carry on with your other work till the printing is completed.

Now thats where the glitch lies. You have basically allowed your data to be available to others if the got hold of your hard disk sitting inside the photocopying machine. Technology can be a boon as well as a bane.

So before you get rid of your photocopier declaring it to have crossed its age, ensure that you have taken it apart with the help of an expert and erased all remaining content in the hard disk.


Remember before buying a copy machine

A copy machine may range from $1000 to $1500 depending on the features like memory, wide zoom, etc. But before buying one for you it is important to check some things like copy volume, what you will copy, two sided or one sided and single sheet or stacks.

To check the copy volume you first need to check the copy receipts at any shop. Whatever number you get, just increase 40% and you will get the final copy volume needed. Then check what type of paper you will use for copying like cover head. Also you need to check the paper stock like legal size, cover stock or transparencies. According to this, opt for multiple trays.

It is obvious that double sided paper helps saving paper. This machine may cost you a little more but helps a lot in saving paper. If you will generally copy a large stack of paper then consider buying a copy machine with automatic document feeder.


Printing and Faxing with Copy Machines

copy machines for saleYou’ve probably noticed that some copy machines for sale, lease, and rent offer printing and faxing capabilities. And, even though most offices already have printers and fax machines, these features are definitely worth considering.

Copy machine printing, for example, offers several advanced functions not available in standard printers, such as double-sided printing and automatic stapling. Plus, all of your employees can print from the same copy machine (as long as it has a network card). Printing with copy machines can also save you money, since per-page costs for copiers are about 80% than those of laser printers.

Copy machines make sending and receiving faxes easier as well. Some high-tech machines can read faxes from document trays, in addition to faxing pages from books and magazines scanned on the copier glass. Certain machines can even receive files to fax wirelessly from multiple computers.

Not ready to cough up the cash for these extra features? In that case, we recommend copy machine leasing. If you lease a machine compatible with printing and faxing upgrades, you can make the switch when the time is right for your office – and budget.